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About Dr. Campbell-Smith

Hello, I'm Dr. Campbell Smith and I'm excited to teach people about science!
I earned my Bachelor of Science in Zoology with Honors at Colorado State University.  During my time as an undergraduate I studied and participated in research involving honeybees, horned lizards, mountain lions, bighorn sheep, and sharp-tailed grouse.  I then went on to Binghamton University for graduate school where I earned my PhD in biological sciences (ecology, evolution, and behavior program) studying social and learning behavior in wild American crows.  During this time I also grew into my passion for museum science, volunteering extensively at the Cornell University Museum of Vertebrates at the Lab of Ornithology and curating the teaching collection at Binghamton University.  Toward the end of grad school my husband and I also took up falconry and continue to practice it today.
Throughout all of my higher education a few things remained constant: understanding the world is rad, I am an intensely inquisitive person, and I love sharing knowledge with others.  I began teaching at the college level the final semester of my undergrad years and continued to teach throughout graduate school; courses included introductory biology, herpetology, botany, macroevolution, zoology, animal behavior, and ecology.  Getting others as excited about science as I am and showing them how our world works is extremely rewarding to me!  I am stoked to be teaching Biology, Zoology, Human Anatomy & Physiology this year, as well as continuing to run Natural Science Club and Birds Across Borders. When enough students sign up, I also run a Research & Lab Methodologies course that allows students to do their own, original research and explore their person passions with greater depth.

Outside of teaching I am a Research Associate with the Denver Museum of Nature and Science and have participated in field research with San Diego Zoo Global.  It is my goal to have students at the high school level involved in real research that is publishable in professional journals and conferences.  I have no doubt that the kids at our school are up to the challenge and can add valuable knowledge to science as a whole.

I have a collection of eccentric hobbies including falconry (already mentioned), traditional archery, taxidermy, collecting natural history items, specimen preparation, and volunteering for the Iditarod sled dog race in Alaska.  My more average hobbies include illustration, sculpture, photography, gaming (board, tabletop, and video), horseback riding, and exploring new places.
Dr. Campbell-Smith with her red-tailed hawk Hudson.Myself and my red-tailed hawk, Hudson.  Photo by Cody Blackburn.
July 2018 I was able to help with the Aga (Mariana crow) recovery project on Rota/Luta, an island in the CNMI.