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Virtual Days

In the event DCSD determines that the district should follow the Delayed Opening protocol, our school will abide by its Virtual School Day Policy (from the STEM Handbook).
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When it snows, our school’s operation and instructional expectations will be determined by one of these three scenarios:
  • Snow Day – Douglas County Schools (check calls a snow day – school is closed.
  • Late Start Day – Douglas County Schools calls a Late Start day – school is closed and implements a Virtual School Day.
  • All Schools Open – Douglas County Schools declare Highlands Ranch area schools open - our school is open and operating to our regular schedule.
Students work from home on school Virtual Days
Virtual Days Q&A
  • What is a Virtual School Day? The school is closed and our students complete work from home.
  • Where do we find the assignments? Faculty will advise students where to find the Virtual School Day assignments. Teachers will clearly label what the student is expected to do that will be equivalent to a class period.

  • If my student is ill or cannot make it to school for some reason, may I choose to let him or her participate in a Virtual Day? Virtual Days must be approved through the Virtual Day Application process. Please see the office for the request form.

  • Is this similar to Virtual Fridays? Yes! Just like our Virtual Friday students, when the completed assignment is uploaded, the student is coded “activity” and not absent. We will count this as an instructional day similar to a field excursion.

  • Must students stay home on Virtual School days to complete the assignment? Students do not need to remain at home but the school will be closed; however, the student must submit the assignment according to the due date/time as indicated by the teacher.

  • What if our Internet is out or we do not have Internet at home? If the student does not have Internet due to weather or other reason, students will have a few days to complete the work.

  • If DCSD calls a snow day, do we still have a Virtual School Day? No. Snow day means the school is closed and no work is required.

  • If DCSD calls a Late Start Day, will school be open? No, school will be closed, but students will be required to do their work via our Virtual School Day requirements.