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Math Virtual Learning (5/18-5/20)

2nd Grade Math - Ms. Silvaggio’s Class (May 18th-20th)

Module 5 - Lessons are on Canvas 

2nd Grade Zoom Times






Daily Video


Daily Video


Daily Video


  1. Module 5 Assessment (Canvas)
  2. iReady 
  3. XtraMath
  4. Choice

Optional Zoom Meeting - at 1pm

Should Hannah Play?


2 lessons on iReady  


  1. 3rd Grade Lunch at the Hot Dog Cart
  2. iReady 
  3. XtraMath
  4. Choice

9:30 Zoom Meeting for Last Math Problem and Celebrating

Summer Vacation - You’re a 3rd Grader Now! 

These are additional resources if your child would like to engage in additional math activities. 

Additional Resources

  • KhanAcademy (join class, watch videos, complete assignments and quizzes)
  • iReady Math Lessons
  • Prodigy - Class Code 4808CE (assignments and free choice math activities) 
  • National Library of Virtual Manipulatives (virtual manipulatives that simulate what we have in the classroom)
  • Illustrative Math (math problems that focus on conceptual understanding and application)
  • Problem of the Month (Levels A & B are appropriate for our students - increases conceptual understanding)
  • Rule Tables (Scanned on google drive - patterns with operations - addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division)
  • Bedtime Math - fun stories that incorporate math, can sign up for a daily email
  • Zoom Meetings with Teacher - I will schedule sessions and feel free to reach out to schedule additional times if needed
  • Eureka Math Lessons