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Virtual Learning Homeroom 4/20-4/24

2nd Grade Homeroom - Ms. Silvaggio’s Class April 20th - 24th

Specials this week: Music

I will send the email from Mr. Paul.

2nd Grade Zoom Times

Social Studies

I would like students to check out this website and play with it this week.  Maybe look at the “Activities” and “Student Book” introduction and chapter 1.

Each student will use their school email and password to log in:

Student email:


Password: student name followed by 12345

Example: allison12345

Google Classroom Help Videos

Some parents requested Google Classroom Tutorial Help Videos.  Please watch these if you would like some additional help. If you and your child already feel comfortable, feel free to skip these. 

How Students Complete Assignments

Student View

Parent’s Guide to Google Classroom

Zoom Class Picture Days

4/30 (Thursday 1pm) Regular - Dress Nice Picture Day 

5/5 (Tuesday 9am) 2nd Grade T-Shirt Picture Day

5/14 (Thursday 1pm) Silly Picture Day

Book Series Class Book

I am so proud of all the hard work of the students - especially being outside of the physical classroom.  They all did such an excellent job writing their books, please take the time to read through these amazing and creative stories with your child. 







Daily Video


Daily Video


Daily Video


Daily Video


Daily Video

  1. Writing Prompt on Google Classroom

Writing Prompt:

Write about ways you can reduce, reuse, and recycle.

  1. Flocabulary

Reduce, Reuse & Recycle 

  1. Spelling City (3/10)
  2. Typing  (lesson ~10 min)
  3. RazKids (pass 1 book on Level Up)
  4. Read Theory (pass one quiz)
  5. iReady (complete 1 reading lesson)
  6. Read choice book for 20 minutes
  7. Choice

  1. FOSS Book - Read by Ms. Silvaggio

Chapters 11-13

  1. Joshua’s Scientist of the Week video and notes. Write one paragraph about what you learned in Google Classroom on your document. 

  1. Typing  (lesson ~10 min)
  2. RazKids (pass 1 book on Level Up)
  3. Read Theory (pass one quiz)
  4. Spelling City (6/10)
  5. iReady (complete 1 reading lesson)
  6. Read choice book for 20 minutes
  7. Choice

  1. Flocabulary - Earth Day

  1. RazKids (pass 1 book on Level Up)
  2. Read Theory (pass one quiz)
  3. Spelling City (8/10)
  4. Typing  (lesson ~10 min)
  5. iReady (complete 1 reading lessons)
  6. Read choice book for 20 minutes
  7. Choice

  1. Watch How To Wash a Wooly Mammoth (file attached on Google Classroom)
  2. Brainstorm ideas for what you would like to write and share with the class (Google Classroom):

How To:




-care for

*Where is Ms. S?

  1. Spelling City (10/10)
  2. Read Theory (pass one quiz)
  3. Typing  (lesson ~10 min)
  4. RazKids (pass 1 book on Level Up)
  5. iReady (complete 1 reading lesson)
  6. Read choice book for 20 minutes
  7. Choice
  1. FOSS
    Multimedia Games

-Find Earth Materials

-Property Chain

-Rock Sorting

Class Username: Silvaggio

Password: stem1234

  1. Spelling City (Test)
  2. iReady (complete 1 reading lesson)
  3. Typing (lesson ~10 min)
  4. RazKids (pass 1 book on Level Up)
  5. Read Theory (pass one quiz)
  6. Read choice book for 20 minutes
  7. Choice

Parent Led Zoom Groups 10am

Have students first discuss a writing prompt: Write about ways you can reduce, reuse, and recycle.

Zoom Meeting 9am

Discuss Joshua’s Scientist of the Week

Parent Led Zoom Groups 11:30am

Have students first discuss: What can you do for Earth Day?

Zoom Meeting 1pm

Discuss How To Writing

Parent Led Zoom Groups 1pm

Have students first discuss idea for their "How To Writing and Presentation" - How to do something, play something, make something, or care for something"


Optional Idea for students:

One of Ms. Slater’s close friends works at a nursing home and she said the residents would love some positivity right now. If students want to write a note, write a story, or draw a picture for them that would be wonderful. This would be a fun activity if the students are interested. If they are typed they can email them to (subject line: Ms. Slater's Class) 

or they can mail them to 

8585 W Dakota Ave, Lakewood CO 80226

These are additional resources if your child would like to engage in additional literacy activities. 

Additional Literacy Resources

  • iReady Reading Lessons
  • RazKids - I recommend completing books in the “Level Up” section.  Listen, read and pass the quiz before moving on to the next book. I would like to see everyone at a minimum of Level Q by the end of the school year. 
  • Spelling City - There are specific words and activities assigned each week that are at your child’s individual spelling level. After they complete the 10 assignments, they can play games with their words.  There are tests assigned on Fridays (or the last day of the school week). 
  • Typing - Please make sure students are logged in, and progress through the lessons. The goal is to get to about 15 words per minute.  
  • Read Theory - These are short reading passages with comprehension questions.  When students pass the quiz, they are moved up in lexile and grade level.  When they do not pass, they are moved down.  
  • NoRedInk - This helps students with grammar.  
  • Epic Books - Class Code: nzh7323
  • Flocabulary - songs about topics with vocab words and quizzes  
  • Zoom Meetings with Teacher - I will schedule sessions and feel free to reach out to schedule additional times if needed


Additional Science, Social Studies, Engineering & Technology Resources

  • FOSS Online - Class name: Silvaggio Password: stem1234
  • Tynker - Coding Assignments and other choice coding activities 
  • Flocabulary - songs and vocabulary for science and social studies content  
  • Phet - science and math simulations created at CU Boulder
  • Science Kids - games
Mind Yeti - meditation from Second Step