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Math Virtual Learning 3/23-3/27

2nd Grade Math - Ms. Silvaggio’s Class

Dear Parents, 

Welcome to the first week of virtual learning.  We understand this time period presents unique opportunities and challenges for everyone. Please know that we are working hard to ensure quality learning as well as the appropriate amount of educational activities. The goal is for students to have 2 hours of work each day (2 activities for homeroom and 1 activity for math).  We will send out weekly work with recommendations that follow the guidelines. You are welcome to adjust the schedule to meet your own needs. We have heard from some parents that they are able to spend more time on school work on certain days of the week, please feel free to do more or less on particular days with the goal of completion by the end of the week.  We will try to send out assignments on Fridays for the following week so you may utilize the weekend if desired.  

Please reach out individually if you would like to alter the workload, more, less, etc. I am happy to make adjustments based on individual needs. Thank you for partnering with me during this school year, and especially in these coming weeks as we navigate new territory. 

The lessons in the box for each day should take your child approximately 30 minutes if they are on task and focused.  (These assignments are posted on Google Classroom. You may print the assignments and then upload a picture, or use online writing tools, or even write on blank paper and upload a picture.)

When you child is signing in using google, please make sure other users are signed out.  The links and login information are listed on the Digital Resources page on my STEM website. Your child’s google email and password are in this format:

Email: Example:

I will be hosting Zoom meetings once a week for students to ask questions, check in, or just say hello!

Ms. Silvaggio’s Math Class Zoom Times:

Wednesday 9:30-10:00am

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 899 472 684











Module 8

Lesson 7


Problem Set

Module 8

Lesson 8


Problem Set

Module 8

Lesson 9


Problem Set

Module 8

Lesson 10


Problem Set

Module 8

Lesson 11


Problem Set

These are additional resources if your child would like to engage in additional math activities. 

Additional Resources

  • Zearn
  • XtraMath
  • KhanAcademy (join class, watch videos, complete assignments and quizzes)
  • iReady Math Lessons
  • Eureka Math Videos - Module 8 (videos for students and parents to assist with problem sets)
  • Eureka Math Videos - Module 5 (videos for students and parents to assist with problem sets)
  • Prodigy - Class Code 4808CE (assignments and free choice math activities) 
  • National Library of Virtual Manipulatives (virtual manipulatives that simulate what we have in the classroom)
  • Illustrative Math (math problems that focus on conceptual understanding and application)
  • Problem of the Month (Levels A & B are appropriate for our students - increases conceptual understanding)
  • Rule Tables (Scanned on google drive - patterns with operations - addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division)
  • Bedtime Math - fun stories that incorporate math, can sign up for a daily email
  • Zoom Meetings or Google Hangouts with Other Students - we are social beings and thrive interacting with each other.  If possible I think it would be wonderful for students to collaborate and discuss the math problems whenever possible.
  • Zoom Meetings with Teacher - I will schedule sessions and feel free to reach out to schedule additional times if needed

Thank you for your continued support and dedication, I appreciate our partnership.