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Virtual Day 2/11

Dear Families, 

Tuesday, February 11th is a Virtual Day at STEM due to the delayed start for Douglas County School District. 

The following assignments are optional.  We understand that all families have different needs and we welcome you to modify as needed to fit your family.  Please email with any questions.  


  1. Biography Writing - I understand that your child’s books and notes may be at school.  If you are able, it would be great if you could conference with your child about their biography writing on Google Classroom.  The writing should include information about the famous person’s birth, childhood, education, important achievements and contributions, and death or current life.  Please help your child with spelling, punctuation, transition words and organization. Please leave the font as is, students can change colors and add pictures once it is printed out so they can copy the writing onto their page for the published book.  

OR - your child should be able to complete these literacy activities independently. 

  1. Read a book for 20 minutes and write a retell of your book in your WOW notebook. 
    1. Retell - characters, setting, problem, events, solution
  2. Raz Kids - Listen and read two books on the “Level Up” section and pass the quizzes.  You will need to re-read the book if you don’t pass the quiz.  
  3. Complete one typing lesson on
  4. Complete three assignments on Spelling City 
  5. Complete one quiz on


Brook - Zearn Unlock Module 6, (complete 10-12 if not done already) Lesson 12 and XtraMath - pass 1 lesson

Logue - Zearn Unlock Module 4, Lesson 3 or 4 and XtraMath - pass 2 lessons 

Slater -   Zearn Unlock Module 1 Lesson 21 and XtraMath - pass 1 lesson

Silvaggio - Zearn Unlock Module 7, Lesson 16, XtraMath - pass 1 lesson

Thatcher  - Please look for an update from Mr. Thatcher

Social Studies

Role play with your child to let them practice and pretend to be their famous person. 


Students may work on Tynker lessons: Solids, Liquid or Gas? & Historical People

Valentine’s Day Boxes

Please remember to bring your completed Valentine’s Day Box and Engineering Design Process to school on Wednesday or Thursday this week. You may distribute Valentine’s on Thursday afternoon (If you choose to do so, please bring one for every student in the class.)

Login information is glued to the inside back cover of your child’s WOW homework notebook.