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2nd Grade Student Information

Please complete this survey to help us better understand your child and family.  Thanks! 
Feel free to review the presentation if you were unable to attend Back to School Night:
We are able to share our contact information on the STEM PTO Directory.  We also wanted to collect emails and phone numbers that you are willing to share with all the families in second grade. If you fill out this form, we will send your contact information to every family that also completes this form, as well as send it to you. Since we are not a neighborhood school, we realize it is sometimes difficult to schedule play dates, send out birthday invitations, or get to know each other. We are hoping this will help.
Class Code: RVW34
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Keystone Science School - Field Trip - January 31st, 2020

Liability & Medical Form

SPECIALS ROTATION Silvaggio Brook Logue Slater
August 19th - August 30th Music P.E. Chinese Art
September 3rd - September 13th P.E. Chinese Art Music
September 16th - September 27th Chinese Art Music P.E.
September 30th - October 11th Art Music P.E. Chinese
FALL BREAK        
October 21st - November 1st Music P.E. Chinese Art
November 4th - November 15th P.E. Chinese Art Music
November 18th - December 6th Chinese Art Music P.E.
December 9th - December 20th Art Music P.E. Chinese
January 7th Music P.E. Chinese Art
January 8th P.E. Chinese Art Music
January 9th Chinese Art Music P.E.
January 10th Art Music P.E. Chinese
January 13th - January 24th Music P.E. Chinese Art
January 27th - February 7th P.E. Chinese Art Music
February 10th - February 21st Chinese Art Music P.E.
February 24th - March 6th Art Music P.E. Chinese
March 9th - March 12th Music P.E. Chinese Art
March 23rd-March 27th (Virtual) Music P.E. Chinese Art
March 30th - April 3rd (Virtual) P.E. Chinese Art Music
April 6th-April 10th (Virtual) Chinese Art Music P.E.
April 13th-April 17th (Virtual) Art Music P.E. Chinese
April 20th-April 24th (Virtual) Music P.E. Chinese Art
April 27th-May 1st (Virtual) P.E. Chinese Art Music
May 4th-May 8th (Virtual) Chinese Art Music P.E.
May 11th-May 15th (Virtual) Art Music P.E. Chinese
May 18th - May 22nd (Virtual) TBD TBD TBD TBD