STEM School Highlands Ranch

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Special Education

Learning Support Services (Special Education) Department


At STEM School Highlands Ranch, a continuum of services is offered to students on an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) including support for students fully integrated into general education classes and additional support services as needed. Specifically, services address identified needs in the areas of reading, writing, mathematics, communication, motor difficulties, and psychological/social emotional needs through individualized help and specialized academic instruction.

The goal of the Learning Support Services (LSS) department is to provide students with identified special education needs the skills and support necessary to bridge the gaps in their learning. Students are scheduled to maximize contact time between the traditional classroom teacher and fellow students. Special education services are provided in a variety of ways: direct instruction, co-teaching, and consultation as identified on the student’s Individualized Education Plan.


At STEM we collaborate with students, teachers, and families to develop appropriate 504 plans that meet the needs of learners with disabilities by providing accommodations to help students benefit from the educational programming and activities of the school. Click here for info about 504 plans.

STEM School Highlands Ranch enrollment is filled by a lottery.

There is no testing required to apply to our school.