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About me

My name is Maria Del Rosario Moreno (Sra. Moreno)

I’m teaching Spanish II, III, IV and AP Spanish and Language. I learn English on my late 40’s when my family and I moved to U.S 

I was born and raised in City Mexico, Mexico. I had two brothers and four sisters, all living in Mexico City. I was the first in my family to graduate as Food Engineer from  Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana. I worked in my field for several years at the meat and dairy industry in Mexico. I was head of research and development department at Chantilly, Company, and I was also head of Quality Control, Donfer Company. Mexico City.

My family and I arrive in San Jose, CA  in 2008 

My husband worked for Hewlett Packard at Silicon Valley, later we move to CO. Now he works for Western Union. My daughter graduate from Metro State University, and my son is studying  at DU. 

I pursue my master degree in Education at Regis University and my daughter and I graduate in 2015. I’ve been working since 2010 as paraprofessional at DPS and started my career as a teacher in 2015. 

My hobbies are: hiking...I love nature! Reading...I love to learn! And cooking...I love food, and share it with family and friends!