Classroom Wishlist

Here is the Wish List for your Child's Classroom:

  1. Thermal Laminating Pouches
  2. Florescent Light Filters in Blue (3 packs) 
  3. Magnetic Letter Kit!!
  4. Bissell Manual Sweeper
  5. Watering Can
  6. Any and all Live Plants! :)
  7. Wooden Hundred Board Kit
  8. Hundred Chart and Shapes Posters
  9. Judy Clock
  10. Telling Time Clock Poster
  11. Drawer Organizer Cart
  12. Flexible Seating!! 3-5 would be nice
  13. Magnetic Writing Page (Links to an external site.)
  14. Jenga
  15. Popcorn Sight Word Game
  16. Chairs for Guided Reading
  17. Chair Tennis Balls (or just tennis balls with slits!)
  18. Craft and building supplies! Any and all! EX: popsicle sticks, craft wire, beads, playdough (Links to an external site.),  origami paper, paint sticks, hot glue sticks (Links to an external site.), etc. 
  19. Book Sets: Berenstain Bears, Ivy & Bean, Amelia Bedelia, Magic Tree House, Dragon Masters, Narwhal, Frankie Pickle, Phoebe and Her Unicorn, Hello Crabby!, or any other books your child might want to read for a challenge.
  20. Cardboard Book Bins (So kids can decorate and keep them!)

That is it for now! I will try and keep updating the list with anything I can think that we need. If you have something that you think would be beneficial in the classroom, just e-mail me and I'll let you know.

*PLEASE let me know if you have purchased something so that I can take it off my list and we do not get doubles. You can also just add a comment at the bottom of this announcement to tell other families that you have purchased something already:)

Thank you for the support in making our classroom environment a productive and enjoyable place!

Peace and Love, 
Ms. Wedeward